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747 N Clark

Completed in the summer of 2014, this impressive seven-story condominium tower, spanning a total area of 22,400 square feet, graces the vibrant River North district of Chicago. Boasting six residential units, each approximately 2000 square feet in size, the tower features a ground floor that accommodates parking, a welcoming lobby, and essential building services.

7 story with parking located on the first floor

6 three-bedroom condominiums


Total area: 22,400 sf


Structure: Load Bearing CMU with bar joist &concrete infilled pan decks


Exterior façade: Masonry and Window Wall

Embodying an authentic urban aesthetic, 747 N Clark showcases clean lines and an industrial palette of materials. Inspired by Chicago's modernist architectural heritage, the facade predominantly comprises steel and glass, evoking a contemporary charm.    Welcoming occupants with a charred oak entry door, the building's design extends to a garage clad in hot-rolled steel plate, adding a touch of distinction. 

However, what may not be immediately apparent is that this project represents a remarkable transformation—a redesign and repurposing of a previously stalled pre-recession mixed-use structure. The original developer had to abandon the project after completing the steel frame, leaving it vacant for several years. Recognizing the potential of both the structure and the neighborhood, Ranquist Development acquired the project in the spring of 2013, breathing new life into this architectural gem.

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